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This Book Could Change Your Life!

enoughTime is going quicker and quicker as each year passes. We are getting short of time and most people need to lift their heads out of the day to day stuff and reflect. It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the ‘busy, busy, busy’ of life and lose focus on the things that are important.

In recognising this, Paul Armson, respected peer and friend, has created a book called Enough? How Much Money Do You Need For The Rest Of Your Life? It is quite hard hitting at first but sends out a very powerful message throughout.

It all comes down to a simple question. How much money is enough?

It is a wake up call for people who maybe trapped in the noise and complexities of everyday life; and haven’t undertaken any financial planning. I myself have found it a very powerful reminder that life is not a rehearsal.

The book introduces the concept of  Lifestyle Financial Planning and uses real client stories to set it apart from traditional financial advice; showing the incredibly positive impact proper financial planning can have when a strategy is in place towards achieving a desired lifestyle; before it is too late.

It’s only when you know what you want your future lifestyle to look like, that you can start to make sense of your money. Most people and most ‘financial advisers’ do this the wrong way around. It’s the not knowing that causes people to invest with no real plan in place, in products they don’t need, with advisers that incur unnecessarily high fees – all the things that cause major financial stress. The divide between Lifestyle Financial Planning and traditional Financial Advice is huge.

Enough is enjoyable, informative, easy to understand and doesn’t take an eternity to plough through – a couple of hours is all; it’s actually rather amusing in parts and you will probably enjoy a chuckle or two along the way.

It is 5 star rated on Amazon and sells for £12.99. Because the message this book sends out should not be ignored I will happily send you a complimentary copy of Enough. Just reply via the ‘contact us’ page with your name and postal address and a copy will be forwarded to you.

So, here’s to your bucket…may it always be filled with ‘enough’ (you will understand what your ‘Bucket’ is when you read the book)!