Cutting out the noise!

With all the turbulence in the political world at the moment and the uncertainty as to how it will all play out there is a tendency for us to focus on how we will be affected by this.

We also have to contend with the usual doom mongering within the media and press around what could happen to the investment markets with the lure of how to avoid the next potential downturn.

It is easy to get blown off course!

I believe when it comes to investing it is best not to pay a lot of attention to what is going on in the markets. Investing is a life-long journey and the capital markets reward long term investors. Naturally, there will be periods when there is some turbulence and returns will be disappointing (it being important however that there are no surprises when these periods do arise).

By using the long-term power of the markets to do a lot of the “heavy lifting” work to help us achieve and maintain a desired future lifestyle (and avoid the temptation to make speculative calls) can remove ourselves from the noise.

Many things are out of our control, so it is much better to focus on the things that matter and the things we can control.